Introducing The New Dedicated Semalt Dashboard (DSD)

Creating a high-end SEO tool is no small feat. There are an incredible amount of factors to consider, from the back-end analytics and reporting to the front-end website and user experience. Add to that the constantly evolving discipline that is search engine optimisation, and you've got quite the challenge on your hands.

Despite the difficulty, there are some notable examples of success. Neil Patel, cofounder of Kissmetrics and Crazy Egg, offers an app called Ubersuggest that boasts an incredibly clean and smooth UX, backed by a high-end back end. Ahrefs is another example of such a tool done right, having created a large and supportive community around its market-leading solution.

This poses a question: what sort of investment would it take to be like Ubersuggest, to be like Ahrefs, to create such a superior tool? $100,000? $1 million? More?

What if you could start your SEO business by offering clients a branded SEO tool, backed by the latest and greatest back-end and front-end technology, for the princely sum of $10?

Welcome to the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard, or DSD to its friends.

What is the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard (DSD)?

The Dedicated Semalt Dashboard has been designed to grant any business the opportunity to offer Semalt's market-leading SEO technology to their clients, but branded as their own. It boosts your online business revenue by allowing you to offer an effective SEO analytics tool to your clients, and because it costs you so little, you can do so for FREE!

Offering such technology for free gives your new business instant legitimacy - clients will be blown away by the functionality you offer at no charge.

The DSD will:
The best bit? The necessary investment to begin enjoying all of these incredible benefits can probably be found in your pocket right now.

Let's take a closer look at the DSD, to find out how it works, what it will offer both you and your clients, and why it is different from other tools on the market.

What does the DSD look like?

The Dedicated Semalt Dashboard looks like UbersuggestAhrefs, and any other high-end SEO tool that you care to mention. It is backed by Semalt's SEO technologies, which are a decade in the making and have been used to analyse around 1.5 million websites, resulting in hundreds of thousands of happy customers.

The difference with the other tools on the market is that you can put your own branding on the DSD - it can be populated with your logo, brand colours and other assets, making it entirely yours.

Let's take a look at the dashboard section by section, to find out a little more about its functionality.

Analytics tools

Backed by Semalt's market-leading SEO technologies, your clients will gain access to incredible analytics functionality. Tools offered by the DSD include:

Search engine results page (SERP) data

Your clients will be able to diagnose their current SERP ranking, including their best performing pages and keywords. They will also be able to identify the keywords they should focus on, and how they compare with their competitors.

Webpage analyser

How search engine friendly are a client's web pages? This analytics tool will tell them, allowing you to recommend enhancements that might make the page a little more enticing to Google.

Page speed analyser

We all know that speed is a key factor in SEO. This tool gives a comprehensive breakdown of page speeds, giving you and the client the information necessary to improve SEO performance.

Content uniqueness check

Plagiarism - even when it's unintentional - can torpedo your SEO efforts. The content uniqueness checking tool scours the web for similar material, highlighting areas of the website that you may need to help your client rewrite or rework.

Reports centre

The tools above generate an incredible amount of SEO data, and the answers to almost any SEO question a client might have are likely hidden within. But how do you turn this data into actionable insights?

Through the DSD Reports Centre

The reports centre is where raw information is translated into easy-to-understand knowledge, presented in a visually pleasing way. The reports can either be viewed within the DSD, or exported in either PDF or CSV format.

All reports are branded with your logo, ensuring you remain top of mind while a client gains a better understanding of their SEO position. When they're ready to action the report's insights, you'll be the one they call!

White labelling

The DSD offers white labelling that extends far beyond reports - the entire DSD ecosystem is branded for your business.

This isn't a simple matter of placing your logo at the top of the webpage (although that is certainly part of it!) Along with your logo and branding, the DSD will be:
When complete, there will be no way to tell that the DSD is anything but your own creation.

User experience

The perks for your business are plentiful, but we haven't forgotten about the experience of the end user. On top of seamless navigation and functionality, the DSD offers the following unique UX features:

Industry-leading localisation

Is English not your client's preferred language? There are no fewer than 10 other interface languages to choose from: Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Dutch, Mandarin, Turkish and Vietnamese!

Instant messaging

The DSD makes it incredibly simple for your client to ask you questions and talk to you about your SEO services. The DSD features instant messaging functionality, giving your client a direct line to you. A fantastic function for the end user, and one that ensures making sales has never been simpler!

Email notifications

The DSD grants a user the ability to take a more hands-off approach to tracking analytics. The tool can send email notifications out through regular reporting, and whenever something noteworthy happens. They'll never miss a beat, and you'll enjoy a client that becomes increasingly SEO-focused.

Who is the DSD good for?

Who stands to gain the most from this fantastic tool? Let's take a look at a few parties who stand to benefit from the DSD.

The SEO agency

The DSD was originally designed with SEO agencies in mind. Every customer loves a freebie, so imagine having a dedicated, branded analytics tool at your fingertips, that you can use to both lure new customers in, and to enhance their overall experience with your firm. The DSD will help you stand out from the crowd and deliver incredible value to your customers.

The freelance SEO manager

Unlike SEO agencies, freelance SEO managers generally have far more restrictive budgets that they must work within. This means that no one expects you to offer a high-end SEO analytics tool, not to mention for free. The DSD allows a freelance SEO manager to leave the unreasonably priced third-party analytics services behind, and offer a market-leading solution at next to no cost. It's never been cheaper or easier to stand out from the crowd and enhance your offering.

The Semalt reseller

Do you take part in the Semalt reseller program? If not, it's an excellent opportunity to make real money, and is a win-win for both you and us! Your own personalised, white-labelled dashboard will be a great addition to your Semalt Reseller suite, and will help to take your client relations to the next level. As a Semalt reseller you'll both get to enjoy the DSD, and be an evangelist for it!

What are you waiting for?

Be like Ahrefs. Be like Ubersuggest. Be more like Semalt than you could have ever imagined. The DSD offers any and everyone the opportunity to create a high-end website with a high-end SEO analytics tool, and for the almost unbelievable price of just $10 per domain.

If you already have an SEO business, the DSD is just the thing to turbocharge its success. If you haven't yet begun, the time to start your SEO business is now. The latest technology, wrapped in your branding, and requiring about the same amount of investment as your dinner will tonight.

Like the hundreds of Dedicated Semalt Dashboard participants that have joined the program so far, the DSD could prove to be the best $10 you ever spend.